EZ House Buyers

1095 Evergreen Circle, Suite 200
The Woodlands TX 77380 United States


Don McClain Is The CEO And Founder Of EZ House Buyers

September 08, 2015
Don McClain is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EZ House Buyers, a company that exists to help people unload their properties, homes, or houses quickly. It is a company that excels at innovating in a part of the real estate industry that has for so long lacked options—that is the quick sale. Don McClain and his team at EZ House Buyers excel by simplifying a process that so many people have to go through with their properties at some point in their lives.

Don McClain and his team at EZ House Buyers work directly with motivated sellers and investors in order to create simple solutions that work for every party involved. The key in these situations is to sell the property quickly, but also at an acceptable price point. Although EZ House Buyers is based out of East Texas, the company is available to work on properties all across the United States. The entire process is extremely simple with EZ House Buyers. They perform an initial consultation that consists of a few questions to collect information on the client's piece of real estate. The clients are asked to sign a two-page purchase real estate contract after a price has been found—quickly. Closing takes place through a licensed title real estate company—the agent goes to the client. Then, the client simply collects their money! It really is that simple.
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